The deputy of the PAN (People - Animals - Nature), Bebiana Cunha, elected by the circle of Porto, visit next Saturday, February 22, at 11:00 am, the Asaast - Association of Friends of Animals of Santo Tirso." By inertia of the State, there is today an overpopulation of animals, the result of the lack of animal welfare policies for decades.

In 2017, an increase of 22% was recorded in the number of animals abandoned compared to 2016 and by August 2018 some 14,000 animals were collected in official collection centres." – says Mrs Bebiana Cunha.The NAP tabled several amendments to the Budget of the State 2020 and saw some proposals be adopted on animal welfare and protection: National Strategy for abandoned animals; expenditure on veterinary medicinal products will be deductible in thirst for IRS; the implementation of a national campaign for electronic identification of pet animals; as well as a €2,200,000 for The Official Collection Centres for the creation of better conditions for abandoned animals. This amount will also be invested in support for improving the facilities of legally constituted zoophilic associations that replace the State every day, with a view to being able to provide a more effective response to the work they do.