Today, the lightweight plastic laying bed is very popular and gaining ground in kindergartens compared to uncomfortable metal laypers with old-type lead mechanics.

But why is plastic nursery laying bed so practical? In the first place, it saves a lot of space, because these plastic laying can be interconnected, that is, they can be piled. At the bottom of the pile is a support frame or a laying bed with wheels, so you can easily push the pile between the laying rows or store it in a small space, and its weight is small compared to the old metal laypers. Its draught, which provides the reclining surface, velcro, so it can be cleaned, washed and disinfected in the event of easy-to-replace dirt or on site. This new type of nursery laying bed is the ideal choice for kindergartens and crèches, since with high legs you can increase your height from the standard 15 cm to 28 cm, but there are also many other advantages. The ergonomic and ventilated lying surface is comfortable while it fits into the child's body and keeps the spine in a healthy position. Built-in metal brace rods guarantee load capacity and perfect form support, while 4-strong plastic feet ensure perfect stability. They are constructed compact, moving, cutting, do not contain stabbing objects, and the corners are rounded. These modern nursery laying beds are available in 3 different sizes (M, L, X) and colors (blue, green, lemon yellow) in the online shop of, order now!