Let's help us make our county one as it is there in your abroad!We know that over time you have thought about how good it would be at home in Suceava, things to stay the same as in the city where you live now.

You had reason to leave, and because you had this courage you managed to see the world with different eyes, to see that it could be different, to see what a clean, modern, civilized, green and especially SMART city can look like. Let's go home! PLUS wants you in the team of local councillors of towns and villages in Suceava County.Diaspora Suceveana currently employs over 140,000 citizens living outside the country's borders. This exodus caused Suceava to be impoverished by its greatest wealth: human capital. It is thus estimated that half of the county's working population is away working abroad. A worrying fact that forces us to seriously consider this human resource capable of bringing with it the experience and know-how of the countries where it is located. Whether you left a few years ago or were born in the diaspora, we believe that there was the chance to get in touch with a different world, with a society that, although not perfect, somehow managed to find a balance between the needs of citizens and the need to develop and modernize the village, city or region. You have a comparison term and you know exactly what could be improved in Suceava.PLUS wants to meet you and give you the chance and levers needed to change our city from the ground up. We need an eye and a mind trained on problem solving, looking for solutions, no populism and fancy plans but with applicable, feasible and clear projects that speak of new, professional people, and who are ready to roll up their sleeves for their community. Are you born in Suceava County or are you born out of the country to parents who left Suceava and have never been enrolled in another political party? Are you willing to go home and have a political program or do you have any ideas on how we can turn Suceava into the county you dreamof? Then don't hesitate to write to us diaspora@ro.plus or suceava@ro.plus. Our volunteer team is ready to help you and present all the next steps. Author: Dumitru Chihaia, member PLUS Branch D4