Very seriously and specifically what is mentioned by the Spanish electronic newspaper "El Confidencial"AKEL Spokesman Stefanos Stefanou of spain's online newspaper for rigged games in Cypriot football It is very serious and specifically what is mentioned by the Spanish online newspaper "El Confidencial" for rigged games in Cypriot football.

He said evidence was provided by the Spanish authorities. He said that on the basis of this evidence a file has been set up in the Attorney General's Office. The Police Spokesman said he did not know whether the data could be used under Cypriot law. Therefore, there is evidence that should be used by the prosecuting and investigative authorities to find the edge of the thread. We expect the authorities to move in this direction. We expect the information submitted on the new subject resulting from the spanish electronic newspaper reports to be thoroughly investigated. We expect actions and tangible results. It is on the basis of the results that the government will judge on the size of its political will to clean up the "stable of Ayas", as the President of the Republic described Cypriot football. investigations, to set up a dossier and for the leadership of the Koc to declare ignorance of these very serious evidence and the very serious revelations made by the Spanish newspaper about Cypriot football?