Today, at the meeting of the European Union-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee, we expressed concerns about the dramatically increased political confrontation in Georgian society during the last year, the EESC, the co-chair of the European Parliament, Marina Kaljurand, announced.

As an example of the factors that divide society, Kaljurand has brought Georgia's decision to abandon the decree that would have applied to the parliamentary elections in October this year and would have changed the electoral procedure Proportionate and fairer. "This U-turn made the disappointment to Georgian friends in Europe, but even more disappointment to the people of Georgia, who were very expecting this legislative novelty," said Marina Kaljurand at the annual meeting of the Association Committee. The representatives of the European Parliament also expressed the frustration that Georgia did not follow the recommendations for reforming the Georgian judiciary and in ensuring the rule of law. The Supreme Court of Georgia has just realized The three-year prison sentence for opposition policy, a family members of Tbilisi, and the European Parliament are questioning the political timing and merits of the decision. "The Supreme Court's decision will increase the tension in an already very difficult political situation," the statement issued today by the Chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs, David McAllister from Germany, Sven Mikser, Rapporteur for Foreign Affairs, Georgia, and the EU-Georgia parliamentary Co-Chair of the Association committee Marina Kaljurand. In the absence of any disagreement, the declaration of the European Union-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee has not been regretted. "This reflects the current political situation both in Georgia's As seen by the European Parliament, "stated Maria Kaljurand. & #8220; The European Parliament is following the development of the situation in Georgia closely and hopes that the government and the opposition will jointly find solutions to problems that disrupt the Georgian people and hinder the country's approach to the European Union. & #8221; Kaljurand stressed that the European Parliament has supported and remains supportive of Georgian democratic reforms, territorial integrity and European integration. The post Marina Kaljurand: The latest developments in Georgia are of concern to Members of the European Parliament appeared first is the Social Democrats.