The Committee on Working and Regional Affairs of the SDE for the new period of the European Union and the Commission, discussing the achievement of the Estonian climate goals, has found that EUR 500 million should be channelled in the next ten years, mainly in small towns and rural areas Building renovation and guaranteeing housing loans.

In the coming weeks, the government will discuss the priorities for the division of the new EU budget before submitting the Estonian proposals to the European Commission. "With the support of European Union money, it is possible to fight climate change and reduce regional inequalities at the same time and to improve the living conditions of thousands of people," said Lauri Baltic Sea, vice-President of the Social Democratic Party. According to the Baltic Sea, the government has to pay special attention to the situation of small towns and rural areas and the well-being of its inhabitants when planning the use of the European Union's Cohesion Fund for the new budget period. "We can no longer approach the whole of Estonia in a uniform way, which would lead to the intensification of major cities and inequalities," said the Baltic Sea. "Much of the land-based apartment buildings need to be trimming, otherwise they will become uninhabitable and even dangerous. This also jeopardises the coping of people living on the land. Banks are not currently giving loans in certain areas for the purchase of residential property due to their low value or for the renovation of their dwelling or apartment. If the state does not intervene forcefully here, the problem of residential sites will soon be the same cause of the major reason to move to Tallinn, if so far there have been jobs in the capital, "explained the Baltic Sea. In the Social Democrat's confirmation, the state must make a strategic choice and guide 80 per cent of the money from the planned residential buildings to small towns and land. "It would be a decision to reduce regional disparities in the coming decades," said the Baltic Sea. The Estonian Institute of Stockholm has prepared a government analysis of the increase in Estonian climate ambitions, which foresees that 50 per cent of apartment buildings must be reconstructed to achieve energy efficiency. 22 000 apartment buildings 14 000 requires support for renovating, half of them are located outside Tallinn and Tartu. The Post Lauri Baltic Sea: 500 million euro climate money needs to be channelled into solving housing in small towns and rural people appeared first is a social democrat.