The Flemish Interest denounces the course of justice and feels that criminals such as julie van Espen's killer, Steve Bakelmans, are too lax and careless.

This is not least in response to the damning report by the Supreme Court of Justice on the dossier and a "more than justified" open letter from Julie's family. The party therefore has a number of proposals itself, but also wants to support sound proposals from other parties. Priority for the Flemish Interest is to draw up the minimum sentences for sex offenders and exclude the possibility of early release. Murderer Steve Bakelmans was tackled by Justice"with velvet gloves," it said in Julie Van Espen's letter addressed to all party chairmen." In the business world, the necessary penalties would have been immediately imposed as a result of this type of gross negligence, until even dismissal from the post." The Flemish Interest agrees thoroughly and answered the letter with tangible plans last week. Tom Van Greeks after family's letter Julie Van Espen:"Listen to the citizens, listen to common sense and stop the cuddle justice!" In this way, the party wants to impose the minimum sentences for sex offenders and thus exclude the possibility of early release." Every victim is one too many. The fact that there are still casualties because there are types of free walking around who actually hear behind bars is extra revenge,"" says Flemish Interest President Tom Van Greeks. According to the Flemish Interest Leader, it is good to make common sense speak and listen more to what lives in the population." Soft heelmasters make stinking wounds. Listen to the citizens, listen to common sense and finally stop the cuddly justice." But that's not the case. The Flemish Interest also launches a bill to make the follow-up and therapy for perpetrators of sexual violence linked to the provision of the criminal court mandatory. The Flemish Interest also wants more and thorough attention to be paid to this during the duration of detention in order to re-integrate into society." But even when other parties defend proposals that meet the recommendations of the Supreme Court of Justice, we will support this constructively," said Member of Parliament Marijke Dillen (Flemish Interest), who sits on the Justice Committee." For the Flemish Interest, only the result counts, not the author's party."