We wonder who the ruling party responds to AKEL's Spokesperson,Read and reread the DISY statement on the SG's greeting of AKEL at the Economic Forum organized by the Party and wonder who the ruling Party.

However, in AKEL and his Secretary, disi should not answer, because what is being witnessed by Andros Kyprianou did not say them. Andros Kyprianou said to DISI what Andros Kyprianou said they repeated the trivial accusations. We simply call on citizens to read what the AKEL SG said today at the Economic Forum and how disi is trying to respond. But instead! We leave the ruling party to its world and in its fury to criticize for the sake of criticism. It is not learned that the leadership of disy is listening, consulting, debating. The fact that today Andros Kyprianou from the podium of the Economic Forum invited everyone - including the government - to a dialogue on the economy for the next decade, on DISI is fine print. Pity! That's too bad!