Josip Friščić (Subotica, 15 August 1949 – Koprivnica, January 23, 2016) was the fifth president of the HSS.

And his political career is about to begin 1992. Years in the HSS. From 1998. to 2002. Vice-President of the HSS. The president of the county organisation of HSS Koprivnica-Križevci County becomes 2000. Year. The mandate of the Koprivnica-Križevci parish was held twice by 2001. And from 2005. Year. 2003 was elected as a representative in the Croatian Parliament. and 2007. Year, and a year later he was selected as Vice-President of the Croatian Parliament and remains on that post until 2011. Year. The president of the HSS has held the function of 2005. The year when Zlatko Tomčić succeeded in this place until 2012. Year. During Friščić's mandate HSS begins to organize a pilgrimage to the religious shrine – the Croatian National Shrine of the mother of God Bistrička in Marija Bistrica.