The Socialists launched today in the Riigikogu a draft amendment to the Citizenship Act, which ensures that children born in Estonia and living here would grow up as Estonian citizens in reality.

"The aim of our draft is to make changes to the Citizenship Act adopted by the Riigikogu in the end of January, which, in theory, gave the right to 1500 children to become Estonian citizens, but actually set Unfair and unfulfilled conditions for obtaining citizenship. As a result of our draft, the period of up to 18-year-old Kafko is lost, where a person who has applied to Estonia's citizenship as a child becomes a citizen only if he or she is able to give up the citizenship of the Russian Federation, "said Jevgeni Ossinovski. Government-Initiated Citizenship Act revisions enter into force on 17. February. On these basis, only 130 children can be truly Estonian citizens. In the case of others, it is apparent, as Russian laws do not allow children to be To be freed from citizenship, so it is necessary to wait until the children reach their maturity. The Post Jevgeni Ossinovski: Let's not fool children with fake citizenship appeared first is a social Democrats.