It is imperative to change the socio-economic policy and the model of the Cypriot economyWritten response of AKEL spokesman Stefanos Stefanousston, President of DISY Mr.

Averof Neophytou We do not expect that the President of DISY and the rulers in general will never recognise what even the European Union finds. That the crisis in Cyprus was caused by the banks with their bad practices (Mr Averof Neophytou may resort to the European Commission report submitted to the European Parliament on 17/04/2013). Nor do we expect that Mr. Averof Neophytou and the governors will ever recognise that the destruction of the economy was caused by the haircut of deposits. After all, they themselves pledged before the 2013 elections that they would never accept the deposit haircut because this would destroy the economy. They cut the deposits and destroyed the economy. These are the policies implemented by the rulers and which they continue today dogmaticand so willingto implement. It is with these policies that maintain and stoke the distortions and problems that the Cypriot economy has. It is with these policies that strengthen and deepen social and economic insecurity, inequalities, the risk of poverty and social marginalisation. For our country to become a prospect and a future. And for this, the AKEL will continue to fight, precisely because the dogmatism of Mr. Neophytos and the right makes our future bleak.

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