The PSD will present a proposal for the establishment of a parliamentary committee of potestative inquiry, of a mandatory nature, to alleged fraud in the distribution of donations in Pedrógão Grande.

Emilia Cerqueira, deputy of the PSD, recalled this Thursday in Parliament that the previous Government "failed the Portuguese, the means and everything". However, it is now necessary to determine what happened with the reconstruction of houses in Pedrógão Grande.On the proposal of the Chega for the establishment of a committee of inquiry these possible frauds, the PSD member considers that this parliamentary initiative is insufficient ly, and all the facts need to be thoroughly ascertained. "The proposal of the Chega, allow me redundancy, for the PSD is not enough, it is very little, we cannot limit ourselves to crimes, the investigation of criminal attitudes, but yes we must go further and deeper on this issue", said the congresswoman. Emília Cerqueira understands that "no more passing a sieve on the subjects, enough to pretend that there are no problems", announcing that the psd bench will vote favorably the proposal of the Chega.In this sense, the PSD "will present even tomorrow [Friday] a proposal for a committee of inquiry to investigate the causes and consequences of the tragedies of the central area."