The Socialists will issue a draft decision to the Riigikogu today, obliging the Government to develop solutions for the numerous places of pain associated with ageing, welfare and self-care.

The corresponding legislative amendments must be reached in the coming months, in order to ensure the latest 2021. Significantly more human and better funded maintenance arrangements. According to Indrek Saare, the Social Democrat party president, today's government parties promised to decisively improve the welfare of people in need of care as well as their own, before the last elections. "The government has been in office for almost ten months, but instead of the offer of solutions, another analysis is planned. We insist that the government will eventually implement the mandate from the voters, "the island noted. "In the field of welfare, the need for fundamental changes is a showering & #8211; there is a huge shortage of money, many elderly people are not able to pay for the nursing home Place, and the incarnations are under the force of the burden. In addition, the different services and funding are scattered and fragmented between health and social care. A number of municipalities cannot even provide statutory services to those in need. " On the island's confirmation, Estonia must become a society that is appropriate for the social economy as soon as possible, with the weakest members benefiting from appropriate assistance. "To this end, the protection of carers and carers must be raised to a national priority. The Social Democrats come here with their draft government to help, and are also ready to make a contribution to the reform of the welfare system eventually. As an additional alarm clock for policymakers, it is the fact that the number of elderly and special needs people in Estonia is increasing steadily & #8221; the island spoke. The draft decision of the social crats makes it a proposal to the Government to develop legislative changes that will guide the municipalities to develop and provide additional money for the development and provision of social services and reduce their ownership of care services. It is also necessary to put in place an income line that must remain with the person after payment for the services. According to the draft, the government has to establish more precise mandatory minimum standards for social services that would ensure more equitable and better availability of care services across Estonia. Legislative changes must ensure the quality and supervision of care services, as well as better integration of social and health services. The care provider must be assured of the size of the caregiver's allowance, social guarantees and other support measures. It is for the national court to stand to ensure that there are sufficiently qualified staff in the field of long-term care. The post Indrek Saar: The national Court is to ensure a dignified ageing and human-centered care for all those in need appeared first are Social Democrats.