Enlargement of the European Union on the states of the Western Balkans.

This is the main result of the negotiations of the Slavkovsky format and the states of the Trinity, which took place in Bratislava Castle. The cooperation of the national parliaments present by the statesmen also confirmed the formal signature of the declaration between the Slovak, Czech and Austrian republics. They expressed support to Serbia and Montenegro in the accession negotiations with the European Union. Cooperation between national parliaments, the fight against false administrations, digital security, media abuse, the digital agenda and, in particular, the integration of the Western Balkan states into the European Union. These were the main themes of the two-day negotiation of the Slavkovsky format extended by Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. "We have just been supporting the accession debates on Montenegro's membership and Serbia in the European Union," a substantial part of the talks. Clearly, we all agree that these are the true candidates who should enrich the union. The Slovak Republic has also clearly declared its support, "confirmed Parliament's chief Andrei Danko. It also added that it is of paramount importance that the states that are intertwined with the historical experience have listened to each other together and helped each other. "The importance of regional cooperation is therefore an indisputable part of the development of our foreign policy," the President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. The latter in the premises of Bratislava Castle was adopted by the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic Radka Vondráka, President of the National Council of the Republic of Austria, Wolfganga Reotka, President of the Parliament of the Croatian Republic of Gordana Jandroković, Chairwoman of the National Assembly of the Serbian Republic, Maju Gojković, president of the Black Mountain Group Ivana Brajovića. Slavkovský format under the Slovak Republic was mainly focused on pragmatic cooperation. Its concrete result is the signature of the joint declaration by the representatives of the Slavkovsky national format. The documents undertook to support Serbia and Montenegro. This diplomatic step will also be further developed in the next strong regional cluster – Vyehradská Square enlarged on France and Germany.