Selective reading of the statistics by DISY and governmentStatement by The Spokesman of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanos, DISY and the government with a selective reading of the statistics conclude that wages are going up and the workers of the place Of course, workers don't want anyone to know what they're actually experiencing.

For the situation in industrial relations, wages, accuracy, rents, installments, fuel. Selective data and to quote, they cannot change the pity that tens of thousands of our compatriots live. Let's refer to the number of Cypriots below the poverty line. The number of working poor. Let us refer to the number of young workers forced into self-employed and market services. The discouraged unemployed, i.e. those who have ceased to register unemployed, because they lost all hope of finding a job. To young people who have stayed to work abroad. in voting in favour of the Motions for a Law submitted by the AKEL to the House on industrial relations and labour rights. In practice, they are judged which policies serve the many and which of the few and privileged.