Speaking about the state of the railways, MP Davor Vlaović asked Transport Minister Olega Butkovic, which will lead to the reconstruction of the railway to Slavonia.

He also asked why the Ministry of the Sea, transport and infrastructure and the HŽ infrastructure would not be the partner of ' Đuri Đaković ' and thus "hired capacities and saved jobs in Slavonski Brod". Vlaović: Railways in Croatia are significantly lagging behind the European Proscevlaović said that the railway system is the bloodstream of the European economy and mobility of people and goods. " Railways in Croatia are significantly lagging behind the European average. Late implementation of projects for which EU appropriations are made. Why are these projects late? A good part of the blame for these delays is in the complicated bureaucracy, "Vlaovic said, adding that he welcomed investments in the railways in the region of Slavonia. He also warned about the dangers of poorly maintained railway crossings and said that special attention should be paid to Their maintenance with the aim of preventing traffic accidents. Lenart: The timetable is increasing every year for the same Relationrepresentative Željko Lenart warned that the situation on the railways is catastrophic. " The Problem is the maintenance of railroads, railroad crossings, security and shortage of workers. The timetable is getting longer every year for the same route, we are sinking deeper. " Lenart said we can't blame the homeland war on the railroad situation. " It is the irresponsible responsibility of Croatian railways. We should move forward, not wait for the European Union to build our stripes, the stripes eventually remain in Croatia. 30-odd years ago, on the route Kutina – Zagreb lasted 53 minutes, and today it takes 1 hour and 27 minutes, "said MP Lenart and asked the minister to take a stand to improve the situation with railways.