Adrian Albu has been appointed,® following the internal elections, to run for THE PLUS for the office of mayor of Sector 2.ÂHe has worked for over 18 years® in a corporation, is an activist for the rights of patients and is a survivor of the colectiv fire.

He ® started working civically since 2016 and has ® signed up ® in® PLUS since the first few days. He participated in the campaign of "Criminal Criminals" ® in public officials and new people®in politics as a member of the Civic Group #RezistenÈa.In the new party joined the recruitment team, then the campaign team and was® present in so far® in Bucharest, who ® in® the second election campaigns. In August 2019 he was elected coordinator of the Local Community of Tei.  I have decided to involve ® in the local administration of Sector 2, sector where I was born, live and work. I am an energetic, honest and well-intentioned man, I believe®in a participatory government and I have the certainness that I know what is to be done so that integrity and professionalism are put ® to the service of all my fellow citizens in Sector 2. We've seen corruption kill or affect our lives. Therefore, the safety and quality of life will be my priorities, And I'm going ® start working on the first of day to work on psi opinions for all the ®-inclusive units in Sector 2: nursery, garden, ècoli and high school, i declare Adrian Albu.â Adrian is a man who literally burned himself with the disposition of the authorities in this country. What's the ® in the fight is nothing compared to the motivation of any of us. At colectiv, he lost his sister and that®makes him one of the most motivated candidates, who will fight for the safety of the people in the sector he represents. Ever since I met him, I've seen ® in him a man who never gave up. If you live ® in Sector 2, surely vote with Adiâ, vlad voiculescu, PLUS candidate for PMB, says of him.âAdrian Albu îl knew from Colectiv. I think he's one of those people who I can say without hesitation that it's built from head to ® feet out of determination, respect for people, power of work, integrity, loyalty and professionalism. He has a love of people that I® have not met® elsewhere, and a ability to apply ® in practical new things that you®invaã to those who ® make him an excellent mayor. He's a man of numbers and budgets, ®in equal measure. He's the one who knew how to fight for justice at Order 13, to depose the imposture of Claudiu Manda, when he has mined and ® swam the law, it is the one that has taken further to the Ministry of Health, other survivors from the Colectiv, the draft protocol for transfers of the great countries® in the streets. He's the man who led every campaign with all the resources of time, materials, energy and soul that he had. He is the one who will fight for the quality of life, with respect for the resources of the people in sector 2, ® every day, adds Ramona Strugariu, MEP Alliance USR PLUS. Adrian Albu also nominated PLUS candidates for Bucharest: Diana Buzoianu as lawyer, Sector 1, Simona SpÄtaru â lawyer, Sector 4, Alex Dimitriu' lawyer, Sector 5. The USR PLUS alliance will have joint candidates® in both local elections, and in the parliamentary election®s. After the nomination of each candidate of the parties, ® this will be debates and negotiations until mid-March, following the best team of mayors and advisers to transform Bucharest ® into a truly European city.