Courage can be interpreted in many images, but it still means being brave for today's people, that everyday tasks, worries, and portals do not deter you from achieving your goals.

Courage still means strength, determination, determination, outstanding performance, and even health. In many cases, this courage is swayed by external influences, which is why we are engaged in self-strengthening activities in which we increase the courage within us. Sometimes even nature helps to do this, since certain minerals have a very positive effect on our spiritual world and strengthen our inner energy. Mineral experts make mineral bracelets from stones that we will be able to awaken with the courage we are slumbering in ourselves by wearing them. The bravery mineral bracelet stones are hematit, lava and onyx. Hematit is able to absorb toxic emotions that hold us back from joy and vitality, and also helps to get rid of negative feelings of stress and anxiety. In addition, lava eliminates the barriers of energy flow, thanks to its calming effect it improves mood and well-being. And finally, the third element of the mineral bracelet, the onix, frees our souls from anxiety, leading to a more meaningful and richer existence. It also helps to find solace in the struggles of everyday life, to maintain the balance between private life and work. The courage mineral bracelet can bring light to our lives, even on the darkest days.