The 1st Economic Policy Forum for Economic Policy Forum organized by AKEL was successfully completed in the weekend of 14 - 15 February, in which the problems and prospects facing the Cypriot economy today were analysed.

In the Forum among other things discussed: First, the weaknesses of the existing development model and the need to design an alternative development model that takes into account not only the increase in overall production but also the need to improve the the status of living standards for society as a whole. wealth as well as actions to combat tax evasion and strengthen tax authorities. In relation to wages and forms of employment, while the need to restore the share of wages in terms of GDP to pre-crisis levels was highlighted. the need to create an economy that goes hand in hand with the sustainable development of natural resources but also meets the real needs of society. we shall proceed in the next period to take initiatives for concrete actions and to submit proposals to the House of Representatives.