Today's Estonian daily newspaper wrote about how the city of Tallinn did not find the app for nearly a million euros, which was designed to support children without parental care.

The city has nearly a quarter of the budget planned, which did not reach the children needing assistance. Member of the Riigikogu and Riina Sikkut, the head of the centre of the Socialdemocratic party, said the news shows that the social field of Tallinn needs a substantial professionalization and that Tallinn needs to consider replacing the deputy mayor. Sikkuti says it is that if the city's leading political party focuses primarily on keeping its positions, it suffers from substantive work. "In the social field of Tallinn, this is another serious problem in the short term. The criminal case of East-Tallinn Central Hospital and the introduction of the euro for a million children indicate that the management is out of order. The Social Democrats are known to be the current deputy mayor of Betina Beškina and a media person whose main job is to ensure that the mayor receives a good result in elections. Responsible for social affairs must be a person in the city government who has substantive competence in this very difficult area and focuses on the needs of elderly people, children, people with special needs and all other people in the city who need support Helping. The deputy mayor of today could rather continue in the position of the principal's media advisor, "Sikkut said. Sikkuti says that the city cannot be left unresponsive to such omissions. "Keeping a million for kids in city accounts is not the only problem in the field. The city is also unable to guarantee the elderly with an ageing dignity. There are not enough municipal houses and urban valleys, thousands of housing service needy await years and years in order. There are corruption in hospitals in the city. It all suggests that the city needs a new and competent deputy head for social issues, "he complemented. Sikkuti estimates that the social area of Tallinn needs a broader analysis. "I believe that national and Tallinn officials generally do their best to cooperate well, but it is no secret that there have been problems with the country and the capital in the past. The social field of Tallinn should be analysed as a whole and probably modernise. Populist decisions have been made in elections for long years. The role of the social manager would be to analyse the correspondence of Tallinn social area 21. The demands and expectations of the century. The Social Democrats will certainly do so in the drafting of their programme and offer their own solutions. Tallinn is the richest municipality in Estonia, which should serve as an example in the social field. At the moment Tallinn is not, unfortunately, very many municipalities across Estonia will also be better able to cope with smaller funds, "Sikkut said. The post Riina Sikkut: For non-spent million children, Tallinn needs to consider replacing the deputy mayor appeared first is the Social Democrats.