PSD deputy Daniel Suciu said on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, that there is information that the Minister of Public Works, Development and Administration, Ion Stefan, has approved "non-compliant" invoices that would have been sent by town halls led by NLP." Development Minister Ion Stefan is there only to defend the interests of the PNL.

There is certain information that the Minister has approved non-compliant invoices that the town halls led by the NLP have sent to the payment. What the Minister does is nothing more than a hunt, especially against psd mayors. I give you one example, in a specific county, out of eight verified administrative-territorial units, seven were psd and one was ALDE. The same is true in other counties, and irregularities discovered at PNL mayors are overlooked and paid, which is more than worrying," Daniel Suciu said at a press conference at the Parliament Palace.