Finnish politician Eeva-Johanna Eloranta (SD.) was thanking the parliament in Question Time 13.2.

The reform published by the Prime Minister Marin Government to extend compulsory education to a free second degree. The reform will ensure equal access for young people to work and life in the midst of labour market and societal change. — it is clear that at least secondary education is needed in a changed world, so that young people can To work and to pursue their dreams. It is therefore a good thing that the Marin Government intends to extend the level of compulsory education to another degree, the Eloranta line. According to the surveys, 60% of young people feel that secondary education costs have resulted in economic challenges, and almost half of young people without qualifications or training have been forced or discouraged from their studies Due to lack of money. In accordance with the principles of free-of-charge, teaching and learning materials needed to acquire knowledge and, for example, work tools and costumes would be free for the student. — The extension of compulsory education also Training becomes free of charge. No one's studies will then stop the expensive of learning materials, Eloranta said. The reform of the Government is also expected to have significant implications for employment and the economy. The increase in education and training will improve the future employment and income development of young people. For example, STTK has assessed the possibility of extending compulsory education to be the most effective single employment measure for the government, which can raise employment levels by up to four percent.