"A heart for our people." That is the slogan with which the Flemish Interest ushers in its annual campaign on Valentine's Day.

At the heart of the campaign is a call to protect the weak in society. Across the country, Flemish Interest departments will hand out sweets combined with a substantive message: "Three out of four resthouse dwellers cannot pay their stay with their pension", according to Flemish Interest President Tom Van Greeks. "That's despite the fact that half of our living wages and almost 30% of our social housing go to strangers. What kind of society is such a fair or social?" On Friday 14 February, the Flemish Interest starts with its campaign called 'Heart for our people'. More than 150 local departments of the party have signed up to visit and distribute more to militants market squares, stations, public events and the like, along with a substantive message. At the heart of this is a call to free up more money for the weak, and less for migration. Flemish Interest continues to insist on social nail with Valentine's Day on the basis of migration costs: "Cut into migration instead of in our people""Every year we spend 800 million euros on asylum seekers alone," says Van Greeks. "If you know that minimum pensions increase to 1,500 euros net costs between 1.25 and 3.2 billion, is the bill quickly created? And I haven't even talked about the massive cost of unemployment – which recently showed that as many as one in three are allochtoon, the 28% of our new social housing that foreigners get or the large share of 44% non-Belgians in our prisons ." Since his presidency, Greeks have increasingly highlighted his party's social views. Last week, Van Greeks also went out with some militants in his own region and handed out candy goods and information brochures on the Mortsel market, which was enthusiastically welcomed. "With this campaign, which we run between the people, we want to inform on the one hand and make it clear on the other hand that the Flemish Interest chooses our people for the first time."