Zbyněk Stanjura: The ANO movement refused to order the Ministry of Transport (www.ods.cz ) the ODS wanted to discuss chaos in the Chamber of Deputies at the Ministry of Transport and the long-term inability of the ANO movement to address this situation.

But members of the government movement vetoed the ODS's efforts to include the point." Mr. Havlíček is Andrej Babiš's fourth personal choice as Minister of Transport. He wants to do audits, he wants to replace all deputies, he wants to check all 15 subordinate organizations that belong under the Ministry of Transport, he acts as if he came from the opposition, but the ANO movement has ruled transport for six years. We wanted the House to call on the Prime Minister to run a full-fledged minister, and we wanted to call on the government to invest at least 2.5% of GDP in transport construction. We wanted to call on the government not to get drunk on the road construction plan in 2050, but to finally complete what has long been drawn. We see two key transport structures, the D35 and the road circuit around Prague,"said Zbyněk Stanjura, first vice-president of ods.