The seminar was presented by Senator Ing.

Jaromírvítková, who has experience in the field of education from her district, which she was in charge of as a long-term deputy mayor of Boskovice and as a senator, is actively engaged in this area." Given the seriousness of the issue, when the boundaries of placing children in common facilities decrease up to half a year of age, I decided to organize this seminar. My opinion is that children so young are supposed to stay in the family as far as possible, there is the best of them. I invited experts from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Youth Education and Sports, the Ministry of Finance and the Representative of the Association of Care Services Associations to the seminar children's groups. The seminar was intended for children's groups as well as kindergartens, kindergarten and family centres and relevant institutions," said Senator Vítková. About 50 participants arrived at the seminar. Mgr. Martina Štěpánková Štýbrová, director of the Department of Family Policy and Child Rights Protection, spoke to the MPSV, presenting the current state of operation of children's groups and their future anchoring in its presentation. The financial anchoring in the state budget was presented by mgr. Marie Bílková, director of the Department of Budgetary Policy of Social Major Sectors from the Ministry of Finance. Mgr. Ivana Blažková, head of the Department of Pre-School and Special Education, spoke to mšmt. Bc. Lenka Šebelová, president of the Association of ChildCare Services Organizations, presented the gradual development and formation of children's groups and their benefits at present. In the final discussion, mgr. Radka Horáková spoke with their practical experience in the operation of children's groups for the children's group Sluníčko from the village of Voděrada and Mgr. Magdaléna Panáčková for the children's group Panáčci. Other listeners present were involved in the wider discussion with their questions." Children under the age of three should first and foremost be at home in the family. Of course, there are different situations where it is better for the family to place a child, for example, in a children's group. There are different conditions in the regions, somewhere there are municipalities that set up a kindergarten, at the same time there is a private kindergarten and a children's group. In another smaller village they cannot afford to set up a kindergarten, so they have approached the establishment of a children's group and many other cases. Each region and location has its own specifics. In general, I support children's groups and I have several in my district that I'm in touch with. Primarily, kindergartens and children's groups should not compete, but complement themselves in what they offer. On funding children's groups, more certainty would be a form of multi-year funding, such as for social services," said senator Vítková.Na seminars, important findings not only from experts but also from practice. The discussion was plentiful and alluded to some of the shortcomings of the bill. "The Seminar Mover x children's group brought a comprehensive discussion. Participants from many regions explained the importance of conservation and benefits for children, parents, small communities and cities. Representatives of the MPSV, MŠMT, MF, MMR and MZd certainly took information from the almost four-hour meeting, which will be reflected in the upcoming amendment to the Children's Group Act," vítková said.As was said at the seminar, the current proposal is in a state of settlement of the second round comments and some issues have yet to be communicated.