The quality of Slovak roads is long-term in the state of God.

The Slovak National Party did not have the Ministry of Transport in its own right, yet it perceives the tragic state of the roads and also a complicated situation with the car-makers. This was why the president of SNS Andrei Danko initiated the proposed that the Slovaks did not pay the motorway marks. If the next government would be a transport resort under the National department, the head of the Slovak National Party is ready to set up the system measures immediately so that we have a motorway in Slovakia for decades. "We have to change the law on public procurement, building law. SNS are not the ambition to take over this resort. As we built on the feet of tourism thanks to the recreational voucher, we can complete the motorways as well, "said Andrei Danko. The chief of the Nationalmen, however, do not understand the criticism behind the proposal to cancel the highway mark. "The state must not knock people behind the highways when we all see in what they are condition. I personally say that I am ashamed of the state of our roads and the unappeared highways, "added. The abolition of this ridiculous obligation for drivers is perceived as an absolute correct step, even because it does not cause a major outage in the state of the DRC. "In Slovakia we have stretches of highways, which took us around at 35 – 50 million euros. From the money earned for signs, these highways will never be completed in life. Therefore, we should invest in them as it is normally done abroad. The Slovaks deserve good quality roads and I do not like the ambition of their build up "said the president of the SNS. It also advocated that this is the first step towards stabilising the situation of the unsatisfied car dealerers. "Even this effort of SNS will force the new government to improve the choice of tolls or to streamline the redistribution of tolls. I managed to enforce an increased minimum of pensions, I managed to increase the salaries of the troops, the teacher, the Slovak National Party proved that the changes did not promise, but the real is doing it, "he closed the chief of the Nationaries. The abolition of the motorway stamps should apply to natural persons and also business owners with vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. This SNS initiative was one of the conditions for convening an extraordinary meeting of the Parliament, which will take place next week.