For developments in Cypriot footballStatement of Parliamentary Representative AKEL George Loukaidis on developments in Cypriot football It seems that the complaints that have been made in relation to the poor ly having in Cypriot football and the need to clean up In order to create the conditions to start cleaning the "stable of Ayas.Yesterday's developments, with the arrests that have been made, seem to have triggered in this direction but we must say that this should only be the beginning.

Because there is a lot of hard and persistent work that needs to be done around this effort. We should all work hard and methodically to succeed in cleaning up the stable of Ayeia fully, to tear down incumbents in the field of Cypriot football, to end the regime of impunity that unfortunately exists and finally the aKEL has put forward concrete proposals around the effort to clean up Cypriot football, and the state, the government should first and foremost, of course, football clubs, engage in a social dialogue in order to bring about those changes that will put Cypriot football on another path, direction and basis.