The Prime Minister, António Costa, today defended the the need for a "business effort" to increase the income of workers, stressing that if Portuguese companies wish to improve the competitiveness and exporting capacity must also be more competitive to hire." I believe that there is a consensus in Portuguese society that the general level of income has to rise.

Companies need to realize that if want to be more competitive to export, they have to be more competitive to said the Socialist leader, noting that, "in matters of income, the state has done its part", referring to the increase in the salary national minimum, the policy for social passes, or taxation in the seat of irs and the tax exemption for young people. Speaking at the entrance to an extraordinary meeting of the Permanent Commission on Social Consultation, António Costa recalled that the salary exceeds 60% of the average salary, "not because the minimum wage is high, but because the average salary "is too low", which is why, avenged, the country "has had difficulty in fixing talent", in particular in the new Generations. The Prime Minister even stressed that this is a matter of on which "it is absolutely essential for the country that there is an agreement in the social consultation", insisting that it is also up to companies to "do their part in effort," noting that "it is in this balance that one has to find a agreement." António Costa also pointed out that, at a time when he has there has been such a significant investment in improving productivity, in its modernization, equipment acquisition, is natural, as the economy is that this result is more precisely shared." That's what we have to get in consultation he stressed, noting that the purpose of these meetings is, precisely, together with the social partners, to meet a common position to ensure an increase in income and an increase in competitiveness for Portuguese companies.