The biggest event of the Movement for Change- PASOK in recent years took place on the evening of Saturday, February 15th in the hall of the Fifantis centre.

In the hall filled with keynote speaker was the historical official Costas Skandalidis, who stressed among other things that:"migration and national issues are a huge area of challenges and threats, in which Greece must respond with the people united and the political world to have a national line. "It is precisely this situation," Mr. Skandalidis said, "it is that kinal, the historical continuity of PASOK and its patriotic character will resurface," adding that the period is politicized, the world is again starting to deal with politics, Because the problems are big. "The situation is good for us to reconstruct our space, autonomous and creative force that will provide answers to the problems of the country and the people," noted the historical pasok official, while also talking about the external the government's policy and cooperation, and for the conservative policy pursued by the government, citing as an example the industrial relations and issues related to tackling violence and security. Elassonas Mr. Haritos, while the event was honored with the presence of the Mp Evangelia Liakouli, the Mayor of Elassona Nikos Gatsas, the deputy mayor Dimitris Karanikas, deputy mayors, local and municipal councillors, the members of the central committee Kostas Savvas and Elemi Bouzana, the last Secretary of the Prefecture of PASOK of Larissa Evangelos Giannoulas, the secretary of the Organization of Elassonas Kostas Mousios with the executives in the Municipality of Elassona Giannis Loutriotis and Sakis Barlagiannis, as well as a crowd voters of the party.