The chairman of the Social Democrat party Indrek Saar turned to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas with a proposal to withdraw the Pension act that was left unannounced by the president from the proceedings of the Riigikogu on behalf of the Government.

"Our Constitution 100. At the dawn of the anniversary, I invite you to step into the state-of-the-law and take back the act of the Riigikogu, which is contrary to the Constitution, "wrote the island on the wheel. The island refers to a constitutional provision under which Estonian citizens are entitled to state aid in the event of old age and deprivation. The government-initiated law, which promises to take out the savings of the second pillar before retirement, seriously damages the state's ability to pay a decent pension for its citizens in the future. At the same time, the absolute and relative poverty rate of Estonian pensioners is already the largest in the European Union. "The commandment in the book of books – you need to respect your father and your mother — religious scientists have also explained the responsibility to keep their elderly parents up. The principle that has passed the test of time is valid today and is valid in the future, "said the island. "Our elderly need decent incomes both today and 10, 20 and 30 years from now. That is why the Social Democrats cannot agree to the destruction of the pension system and to the failure to devalue the elderly. However, we are ready to contribute in every way to improving the system. " In a letter sent to the prime minister, the island also brings out that the Law amending the funded Pensions Act, which was returned from kadriorg, has significant economic, social and legal effects and risks, all of which have not been left unearthed. In addition, it is a law that unacceptably constitutes a fundamental social right, a basic right of equality, a legitimate expectation and a fundamental right to property. The post Indrek Saar Jüri Ratasele: Be a statesman and take the unconstitutional law back to appeared first on the Social Democrats.