The protection of traditional values has always been the priority of the Slovak National Party, which has proved several times during this parliamentary term.

It will therefore remain in principle to reject the Istanbul Convention, despite the legal handles of the presidential office. It was declared by the president of SNS Andrei Danko. At the same time the novelty of the workshop of the national-Slovaks will not pay the motorway signs until the motorways appear. The Slovak National Party adds its signatures under the convening of an extraordinary meeting of NR SR only under certain conditions. "After today's agreement with my coalition partners, I want to announce that SNS will support an extraordinary meeting. We want to tackle people's problems. The first condition of SNS is that the Government should submit to the Parliament the Istanbul Convention for discussion. If the Parliament had definitively rejected it, the president will never be able to use creative arguments, as the ones last thought, "approached the head of the nationaries. On the presentation of the Istanbul Convention for the negotiation of Parliament will be discussed by the government at Wednesday's meeting. The SNS also enforced that ministers headed by the Prime Minister tomorrow opened a topic of cancellation of the motorway stamps until the Slovak motorways were completed. "Slovaks are finally after long years of promises already deserve completed quality highways. I often stand in the colonies under the ammunition, or on the road from RevĂșcej to Bratislava. I ask, what is the difference between the verb and the French, the Austrians or the Portuguese? Akoto that they have the top roads and we just dream about them? I don't want to be more ashamed that the state takes money from people behind the absent highways. Therefore, my political condition is to abolish the motorway stamps for natural persons and legal persons for cars up to 3.5 tonnes. I want people to realise that the state is acting responsibly, "specified the terms of the president of SNS Andrei Danko.