Jan Zahradil: The EU-Vietnam Treaty will strengthen mutual trade and the protection of human rights (www.ods.cz) The European Parliament today approved a free trade and investment protection agreement between the European Union and Vietnam.

In addition to strengthening trade exchange, the EU has also acquired a tool to promote human rights in Vietnam." It is good that even in times of growing trade wars in the world, the European Parliament has approved this treaty. The Free Trade Treaty between the European Union and Vietnam will help to develop mutual trade, but it also gives the European Union an instrument to actively promote the protection of human rights and the environment in Vietnam. By 2035, the mutual trade under this contract is expected to increase by up to EUR 35 billion. and help boost vietnam's economy by 2.5%,"said Jan Zahradil, Chairman of the ODS MeMor." Vietnam also undertakes to ratify and fill the 8 basic conventions of the International Labour Organization, which will significantly improve the conditions of employees in Vietnam. By the way, the protection of workers is at the same level in this treaty as in a similar treaty between the EU and Canada,"adds Jan Zahradil.