Parliament approved today, unanimously, vows to weigh the deaths of Dino Monteiro, who founded the Portuguese paris, and Fernando Loureiro, doctor and trade unionist, both founders of the Socialist Party.Fernando Tavares Loureiro was a doctor, profession in which he stood out, with published work, and had a political path marked resistance to the Regime of the New State and participation in the meeting founder of the PS in April 1973, in Bad Munstereifel, Germany.

It was also Union. Fernando Loureiro and was a trade unionist, having integrated the union doctors in the South Zone and the National Federation of Physicians. It was also member of the National Council of CGTP-IN over a decade between 1983 and 1993. Throughout his life, Fernando Loureiro was a reference of the PS, having always evidenced in the exercise of the most diverse functions their attachment to the values of democratic socialism and humanism. He died in January at the age of 84. Dino Monteiro was born in Lisbon on September 15, 1941, where he began working at the age of 12 of age. Over the years, on a post-labour basis, he studied languages and technical trade, eventually exiled itself in France at the age of 19, where continued work and studies. Dino Monteiro joined the Socialist Party where he came to perform important roles in his section. It was great driver of the project of the Portuguese Bookstore of Paris, which brought together the elite of the Opposition. After the April Revolution, Dino Monteiro devoted himself to ensuring the existence of the Portuguese Bookstore of Paris, the city where he died, after a long prolonged and invalidated diseases. He died in December at 78 years of age.