"You are swallowed up by the problems and you were closed to your "bowl", storming on multiple levels in relation to a wide range of government policies was today in the Plenary of the House the Parliamentary Representative of the Movement for Change and MP n.

In the case of the 24-hour strike, which was declared by the workers' unions on the occasion of the insurance policy, during which Larissa paralyzed Athens. A politician called on the government to say:"We have a strike today, which paralyzed the country, and you are tiring. All you have to lie about is that this strike is insinuated by others... By describing today's strike as "inciting" and thus "reprehensible", you think that is how you are entitled to the conscience of the Greek people. But you do not say that your trade unionists are also involved and even on the front line." simply - and not necessarily better - version of the Katrougalos Law." From SYRIZA's "Scylla" to "Harybdi" of Southwest... That's what workers are complaining about today. But you boast of your bill. You say that the situation will be reformed, that the situation of workers and the self-employed will improve, that a 'new era' will come. And you don't see what's going on around you. You're closed to the "bowl" of the final state. With the "staffs", the "chiefofs" and the "final plans"...."In this context, the MEMBER underlined that the government is deaf to the protests of the aegean islands, in the front line areas of reception of migrants and refugees:" You have blinders and you don't see that our islands are paralyzed, as have the whole country. Can't you see that your people are coming out and flooding the streets and beaches of the islands and complaining? People who come out to protest saying 'give us back our islands, give us our lives back?'', he wondered characteristically.After all, for the parliamentary representative of the Movement the whole response of the refugee by the government is distinguished from terrible amateurism:"You remove the Ministry of Immigration Policy and restore it a few months later. You establish a number that in a few days you turn them into 'un-over-the-top', after an outcry on the part of local communities. Or do you think that the "campaign" in Afghanistan is the quintessence of a political solution to migration?" he emphatically stressed.But neither did the government's handling of Greek-Turkish relations escape the fire of the politician from Thessaly:" The honourable Parliamentary Representative of the ND was mentioned at the Meeting in Cairo and did not even mention the Berlin fiasco. Didn't you see the embarrassment of our Republic, the embarrassment of our diplomacy when in fact our international community is playing 'ping-pong'? And while you see all this, you don't have the "guts" to convene a Council of Political Leaders in order to find a common place, a common strategy on the national issue of Greek-Turkish relations," he said, concluding that "it is It's terrifying that after ten layered crisis the government has learned nothing. You are serious and say that we are treating major issues as a country, which need to be discussed at national level. Go out and say that the refugee "you've been out of your hands", that the situation is now uncontrollable, and that there must be a common national policy," he said in conclusion. Change: