The National Direction of the Socialist Party received today at the National Headquarters the new direction of cds-PP, led by Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos.

At the end of the meeting, which lasted about an hour, the President of the PS, Carlos César, welcomed "the resumption of a cordial and attentive to the values of cooperation of parties with a democratic root and with tradition in Portuguese political life, a relationship that is very important that last." Carlos César added that "the CDS is a party that, by its history, by its position throughout the last decades, was very decisive at various times in Portuguese political life", noting that "the interception capacity of the CDS with parties like the PS was crystallized and now it's not even crisp." In this meeting, which also had the participation of the Deputy Secretary General of the PS, José Luís Carneiro, and the leader JS, Maria Begonha, was highlighted the role of the CDS "very important in the of the persuasion that the country continues to need at the external level, for example at the time when the Multiannual Budget of the European Union is discussed (2021/2027)," added the President of the PS, saying that "it is important that forces such as cds-pp are able to enter this dialogue of representation of national interests at external level." Making clear the political differentiation between the two parties, the President of the Socialists noted that the PS "is a party of centre-left with a special vocation of dialogue with parties to its left", but that "does not fail to need to participate in a dialogue general to gather greater consensus in Portuguese life, when it is necessary to and useful." Asked about the decriminalization of euthanasia, Carlos César recalled that the Socialists understand that this is an issue "that makes a lot part of an individual conscience of people and, in the case of parliament, of the individual awareness of Members", and they "have a duty to representation of their constituents and each will interpret, either their opinion wants the opinion of its constituents at the time they have to vote."