The CDA has asked Parliamentary questions about the new investment fund Invest-NL.

According to director Wouter Bos, you don't have to join the fund for less than 5 million. That's what he said in an interview with NRC. Strange, according to CDA spokesman mkb Mustafa Amhaouch. Because that ruling is at odds with the unanimously adopted amhaouch/Veldman motion to shape Invest-NL in the implementation and organisation in such a way that SMEs can also use this. With a capacity of 1.7 billion euros, Invest-NL wants to invest in promising and socially valuable projects and companies, which do not get off the ground without support. But that lower limit of 5 million does raise a considerable threshold for SMEs. Amhaouch: The law process has always urged Minister Wiebes to access SMEs. To do this, this EUR 5 million as a lower limit should be off the table as soon as possible. This is a false start to Invest-NL." The CDA believes that financing from Invest-NL should not guide funding thresholds, but that should be looked at the social impact of a project. Amhaouch therefore calls on the Minister to review the current preconditions for SMEs.