The Kajaani Congressman Raimo Piirainen (SD) holds a decision by the government Monetary Affairs Committee on Thursday to grant 24.5 million in energy support to Haapavesi Nordfuel as the right part of the line.-The use of forest biomass as a raw material The energy support that has now been allocated for the investment of the biorefinery, EUR 24.5 million is a big money.

However, the total investment is almost 280 million euros. Energy aid is one of the largest in Finland, but justified because the project is one of the first wood-based. And thus the power plant, which has been in the Powerreserve, comes to the fire and the new generation CHP plant, the line of the parliamentary finance Committee, Piirainen.-BioEthanol and biogas produced in the bio-refinery reduce CO2 emissions by almost 190 000 tonnes per year. The building's employment impact has been estimated at 300 for a year of labor. After graduating, the facility employs a permanent 70-80 person. The timber supply chain is estimated to be generated at its best in 200 new jobs, enumerates a pie. – The Board of Directors holds. This is how actions are created, one at a time, because companies and investors know that the climate criteria will not become any easier in the future; Neither in Finland nor in the Eu justifies the Pies. The Ministry of Labour and the economy asked for applications for energy aid last spring. The assessment and comparison criteria have been the demonstration value, feasibility, energy impacts, cost-effectiveness and other impacts. In the past, the aid has been granted for three projects with a total of EUR 13.4 million from this separate funding to the biogas plant at Adven Oy, to the gas-processing plant at Helen Oy and to the energy warehouse of the district heating network Lounavoima Oy.