The President of the Slovak National Party and NR SR in a live session with the race of the racing, expressed the belief that Slovakia should borrow money on favourable terms.

Only in his words we can finally build up the motorway and also the hospital network. "Slovakia needs 270 kilometres of highways for which €8 billion is needed – the only solution is to borrow money, change the building law and public procurement law. Under these conditions it is possible to build a highway in the horizon 5-6 years, "said Andrei Danko. He also resigns the argument that, in case of cancellation of the motorway stamps, there will be no money to build roads. "Profit from the sale of highway stamps is 70 million, the state income is only 50 million. The price for 1 km of highway is somewhere from 30-60 million. The toll stamps are therefore not enough for 2 kilometres of motorways. People are not allowed to lie, therefore, this theme opened in Parliament at the Tuesday extraordinary meeting. I just want people to forgive the highway mark for those jams in which they must stand. " As the chief of the national authorities explained, borrowed money could also serve to reconstruct hospitals and public schools. As Andrei Danko reminded, in this election period, the Slovak National Party has brought a number of system measures that are already being helped by the glossary. In another government they would like to expand their national governments. "We are a successful state, we are well-based on the growth of average wages, I have personally contributed to the fact that teachers have about €400 more, soldiers have averaged more than €2000, in addition to them, we also helped the farmers, and the food. Here but we can not end, this must be the first step. We want a system of corporate flats, where people will have affordable rents, I would like to see the State Hospital network, to cut taxes across the board, "named the chief of the Nationaries. At the address of upcoming elections and pre-election surveys, the president of the CIS stated that they believe that people cannot be affected by marketing campaigns. "I count on healthy human sense and goodness in the heart of people and to understand who has done something for them for 4 years. I believe in the fact that people will behave differently than when their media is influenced by lies, "Andrej Danko closed.