According to the socialist Raimond Kaljulaid, the government has failed to manage a unified and unambiguous foreign policy, which has harmed the interests of Estonian security and economics.

Kaljulaid called on the government to bring itself together and to ensure that Estonia has a unified and value-based foreign policy. Estonia's task at this time of foreign uncertainty is to stand up for the unity of our allies and to maintain confidence in the common values, which is also our security guarantee, in a discussion of the foreign policy held by the Riigikogu, the Kaljulaid encountered in the name of the Socialist Republic. "There is no doubt that the current time is a dangerous time – more dangerous than ever in this millennium. Sometimes it seems that the delicate balance between war and peace still keeps only a coarth of common sense. This is all the more vital to us in the unity and willingness of the countries that share the same value space. We must take the stand for the international relations to be based on agreed rules and international law, "said Kaljulaid. The complicated times would be much easier to survive than Estonia would be internally unified. Unfortunately, the Republic of Estonia was not foreign 2019. Unambiguous. "The decision of the Centre Party and the Fatherland to involve the government's right-wing extreme populists served the narrowly-partetic interests of both parties, but it was a huge blow to the Estonian national and especially to our foreign policy interests, & #8221; noted Kaljulaid. "Too often, the good name and reputation of Estonia has been undermined by acts and statements of one government party. Insulted is government leaders of important allied states, and NATO's defence cooperation has been called into question, and the European Union has been assimilated to the Soviet Union. There have been very questionable choices regarding the configurations and management of Riigikogu delegations, "Kaljulaid listed. According to him, the government has to ensure that Estonia has a clear and unified foreign policy line. "We cannot have three or more foreign policies. The government must have one foreign policy, "said Kaljulaid," the less we adhere to internal politics, the more difficult it is to run the value-based foreign policy. " As a positive, Kaljulaid pointed out that Estonia has begun to contribute to economic diplomacy, where additional funds have been shared. "Investment should be further strengthened here. Exports, investments and tourism are particularly important in terms of tomorrow's economic success. In turn, it depends on our standard of living and human wellbeing, "said Kaljulaid. In his speech, he also recognized Estonian diplaries and people working in the foreign service, who are effectively and professionally representing Estonian interests. The post Raimond Kaljulaid: The less the Estonian values in internal politics, the more difficult it is to be a value-based foreign policy appeared first is the Social Democrats.