– when do they ® re-establish that our governments want® to be made systemically, with a package of anti-corruption measures based on a analysis of the phenomenon, from the vulnerability of forestry personnel to corruption to the sector's contribution to the financing of election campaigns?– how is it possible for the state authorities responsible for the pasting to support the figure of illegal cuts is less than 200,000 cubic meters annually, knowing that other state authorities (National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Energy) have been publicly uncomfortable since ten years ago that ® in this area, all that firewood is consumed in this area on the wooden way is officially harvested from the lands of Romania (16-17 million cubic meters)?– why®instead of turning ®in advantage the use of firewood as a source of renewable energy and investing® in more efficient combustion systems , ®in the development of responsible local communities, we throw ourselves to methane gas investments and stimulate the consumption of wood biomass by industrial users?– why® not worry anyone,® besides a few magistrates, the fact that we have a ridiculous effectiveness of the act finding forestry offences and offences: annually,® 6% and 26% ® collecting fines from forestry offences; a few dozen convictions (10 -11%!) for over 100,000 checks annually, which is for millions of hours of total control; without penalties for cases with hundreds and thousands of cubic meters â ArgeÈ, BorÈa, Cluj.

And then why® ® continue to get the penalties, if they still don't apply? Hence ® the prosecution ®60% of cases, justified by the lack of social danger of the crime.