In an animated response from the floor of the House, the Member of the Movement for Change of N.

Larissa Evangelia Liakoulis calls the Minister of Rural Development and Food, in relation to the need for an immediate extension of the Programme 'AID FOR THE CONVERSION INTO BIOLOGICAL PRACTICAL AND METHODIN GEORGIA IN 2017'.The reason for the question was the fact that the government unfortunately seems to have ceased to elaborate on the possibility of extending this programme for two more years, although this is provided for by the same the programme and despite the fact that a significant number of offices of scholars, individual producers and cooperative organisations are looking forward to such a possibility. but also unfair, since some 6500 "old" growers have already started the winter crop of 2020 with a biological orientation and it will therefore be unfair not to be subsidised for this action, as well as because of the fact that so, mathematics, "two-speed" organic farmers are created because of their disproportionate response on the part of the State. in this context, the politician from Thessaly calls on the minister responsible to be able to leave aside the ambivalence and find itself at the forefront of the effort to change our old growing model as widely as possible, in the new, modern directions of bioculture, by every means available to the State , including the above Programme – Measure. Unfortunately, it appears that Measure 11.1.1 'AID FOR CONVERSION TO BIOLOGICAL PRACTICES AND METHODS IN GEORGIA IN 2017' has been frozen, despite the fact that a significant number of study offices, individual producers, as well as cooperative organisations, are looking forward to the possible issue of a two-year extension, as is also provided for by the programme itself. main strategic policies in the EU, as in our country over the last 10 years, since it carefully manages water resources, it mitigates climate change, and enhances the quality of agricultural products, by upgrading the our diet. Whereas, at the end of the three-year conversion, producers may participate in the conservation programme following a new notice, which is not currently 'shown on the horizon', since it is neither fair nor rational to be created; 'two-speed' organic farmers, with a disproportionate treatment on the part of the State, since the government's excuses for an 'excessive' amount for the continuation of the programme do not apply, since the programme has been in excess of funds, due to the amount of eligible cultivation per TIN so far. model, in the new, modern directions of bioculture, the Minister is asked if he is aware of the above and in particular: If he intends to extend the above programme for two years, for all the above reasons? Liakouli Mp of Larissa N.