The state and municipalities have reached agreement on the establishment of project companies, as well as on the contributions of the parties to the track projects, including a plan for the so-called Turku Hour train.

Therefore, the conditions for applying for EU funding are now available. This is the way to do that and the project will be eligible for CEF funding from the Eu. Project companies would be responsible for financing the project up to the construction phase. – I am delighted that the project is now progressing as expected. A high-speed train connection between Turku and Helsinki facilitates work in both areas and increases labour mobility. Rail transport is also a more environmentally friendly means of mobility compared to car racing. In this way, we can reduce emissions and the environmental burden of work in this area, says the Finnish Congressman Eeva-Johanna Eloranta. In Turku, the long-awaited hourly train is part of the government's future investment to promote The Government's employment and climate objectives. The investment supports growth especially in Turku and Southwest Finland, but is beneficial for the whole country. The project also connects Finland and Turku to the European core network and also increases the possibility of international travel, including between Stockholm and St. Petersburg. – This is an important issue for the Turku region, but also for the whole country. Investments in a more ecological and a better future are extremely important in a changing environment. We strive to leave for future generations a better Finland and this is one of the projects that make it possible to delight Eve-Johanna Eloranta.