Following negotiations based on the "Evaluation Agreement for the appointment of joint Alliance Candidates", concluded between the ilfov county branches of PLUS and USR, the USR PLUS Alliance nominated its joint candidate for mayor of Otopeni.

The proposal of the USR PLUS Alliance is Mădălina Scurtu, a member of the Otopeni community since 2013 and a PLUS member since December 2018.Mădălina Scurtu is a lawyer specializing in litigation and commercial matters, since 2002 a member of the Bucharest Bar, with a master's degree in Business Law. She's a mother of two girls." I decided to run for mayor of Otopeni, because the entire activity filed at PLUS Otopeni in December 2018, coupled with the professional experience of manager of a law firm, leads me to believe that I am ready to change Otopeni. My vision is that of a new approach to the concept of public administration itself: as mayor, my intention is to implement the so-called "friendly administration". The public administration is in the service of the citizens of Otopeni and so I wish it to be perceived. First, the mayor must stand with the inhabitants of the city, among them, constantly. This will increase the confidence of otopeni residents in public administration and its seriousness," said Mădălina Scurtu.Ciprian Teleman, president of PLUS Ilfov, claims that Mădălina Scurtu is the person involved who can change the dynamics of the local administration in Otopeni: "Before 1989, Otopeniul was the pilot of an odious plan to destroy rural identity. After 1989, it became the tactical field of group interests. The need for housing, as in many other places in the country, exceeded the limit of urban and administrative competence. In the absence of integrity and competence of local elected officials, Bucharest's satellites will become places from which to leave rather than move. The local government needs a vision with a minimum perspective of 20 years regarding the quality of life of the inhabitants of these areas and integration with Bucharest. Know-how should not be invented, but taken from countries that have successfully undergone these transformations. Mădălina represents people who are distinguished not by what they want for the community, but those who do things for the community. Good luck to the USR PLUS team in Otopeni for the town hall!" In Otopeni, the Alliance enjoyed the confidence of 40% of the voters who voted in last spring's Europarliamentary elections. Mădălina Scurtu is the person who can at least equal this score, being the man who, together with the team of local councillors of the Alliance, will turn the city into a green and healthy "home", with the education infrastructure and good private initiative for its inhabitants and a business card to honor us as a gateway to Romania and the Capital.Mădălina Scurtu is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, a lawyer in commercial matters, member of the Bucharest Bar since 2002. In 2009, he obtained certification of the status of mediator and in 2012 of that of insolvency practitioner. He first entered politics with the entry into PLUS." The same goes for Otopeni, but also for the rest of the localities in Romania: time is running out of patience with us. For too long we have been waiting for the problems around us to be resolved, but every four years, we are bumping into the same mayors and the same empty promises. Many people of integrity and professionals stood by, hoping that things would be better. They waited and waited again. But 2020 is the year of change! It's the moment they no longer wait, but are directly involved! I thank Mădălina Scurtu and the teams USR Otopeni and PLUS Otopeni for their ownership and wish them every success in the local elections", stressed Andrei Nistor, president of the USR Ilfov branch.Alliance candidate Mădălina Scurtu is invited as speaker, along with The Hague Deputy Mayor Robert van Asten, at the Renew Europe event on "Sustainable Urban Mobility in Europe". The event will take place on Friday, February 7th, at the Marshal Garden Hotel from 14.00 to 16.30, with participation based on registration here:Știri and project proposals from the programme will be published here: